The birth of Globama’s Barracks

How was the story created ?

I had the rough idea of a scenario when I was in high school.

In high school with an ink pen…
In 1976, I drew a series of stories with the ink pen that I used every day at school, on A4 sheets of paper folded in two, and sewn with common thread. The characters were my best friend and me, and the purpose was our entertainment. One of the stories was about a mean guy living underground with strange little monsters. It was drawn very quickly, anywhere, and colored with wax crayons. Very spontaneous.

In 2011, I had a burnout, that made my hands shake. I could not write, or draw any longer. I promised myself that if I could ever use my hands again, I would sign for a correspondence course. My hands did stop shaking, and I did the 50 assignments that the course demanded. Among them, many pages, for which a scenario was necessary. I reused the old story of the mean guy living underground.

In what way is the story different from the original ?

Instead of two high school friends and a mean guy coming from nowhere, I constructed a family history with events. I had to be careful that all was consistent, I had to imagine the date of birth of each character. Moreover, the layouts of the Atlantic Wall in my story are not absurd, there are remnants for real.

Did you research places and facts ?

The scenario is too basic to require research about war events that took place at this location. It was however necessary to check a few locations, and what the inside of the blockhaus looked like. An amusing detail: I imagined galleries at a place where they existed for real ! I found archive photos in a book. None of us knew they were there. Of course, they did not extend across the island as in my story.

Isn”t the story a little bit anti-American ?

In the United States as in any other country, there are fine people and annoying humans. Aong the annoying category, there are people who believe that their habits are universal, who profoundly hate anything foreign. It is not completely their fault, the media pushed them to become like that, and also their education that kills the ability to question an idea. I met people like that before the first Gulf war, in a village in Ohio. Today, these people are in the Tea Party.

Mogette remained stuck after the failure of her great teenage love, isn’t this a bit exaggerated ?

I though so too, was worried about it. Since then, I met two people in their fifties who had never managed to forget their first intense romantic interest.