When I started

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In 2009, the front yard looked desperate. Wild grass kept growing, turning yellow as the season got hotter. It was very difficult to maintain, the mower would not work well on these uneven portions of land. At the time, natural pools were all over the magazines, with their green clear waters, and pink lilies.  I contacted a company.

The quotation arrived through the mail: 65.000 euros !

It was time for a challenge: build the natural pool myself, on a small budget, using only goods offered by local stores. I worked weekends and evenings, it took me several months to complete.


In the front yard, in 2009


There was already a small pond 2m x 1m, deep enough (about 1.2m), that I had created with another person in 2003, breaking the rock with a pickaxe. It was for a couple of ducks. The poor ducks had been killed by stray dogs. This small pond was a good start for the planted area.


The small pond

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